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Martial Artist becomes Internet Star

As the pandemic as pushed many of us to pick up a hobby or two throughout Lockdown, seven-year-old Yang Zixuan has become an internet star for her slick martial arts skills.

seven year old Yang Zixuan Internet star of martial arts

An internet Star on the Horizon

Yang started by practicing cartwheels, flips, and studying martial arts when she was just three years old, but now, she has move than 600,000 followers on YouTube and Twitter. Despite her young age and short height, the seven-year-old from China is perfectly capable of holding her own weight, even adult male students struggle when it comes to difficult flips.


Yang’s coach, Chen Daping mentioned: “She learns very fast. Usually, it takes other students a few days or a week, or even half a month to master a skill, but half an hour is enough for Yang.” Unlike martial arts and taekwondo, stunt work requires more skill, such as good physical coordination, physical health, as well as wellbeing.

The Next Kung Fu Star?

The young internet Star mentioned that her Kung Fu idols are Hollywood action stars, Jet Li and Bruce Li, as well as martial artist Zhang Weili and kickboxer, Wang Hongxiang, who are very good at fighting she said. However, training is not always easy. Yang has suffered injuries before, including five stiches in her foot, but she added that she didn’t cry because martial artists should not be afraid of pain.


Due to her young age, the more difficult and dangerous stunts can’t be practiced. However, whenever the coach teaches other students, she will sit by, observe and study the class. Yang’s aim is to become world champion in Martial Arts, fighting, and stunts, and eventually win gold for her country in future Olympics.

Yang went Viral!

With kids these days posting dance crazes on TikTok, watching them get thousands of views, even seeing other kids copying them. Yang recently went viral after a video of her doing flips was put online. Her followers on various social media platforms not only marvelled at her insane stunts, but also praised her easy-going and fierce personality, and warm smile. Of course, we must stress that the stunts in the video have been seriously trained, and we encourage you not to try them at home.  

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