Martial Arts Can Change your Life

Martial Arts can promote a lifestyle that encourages physical, mental and spiritual disciplines.

There are many reasons why martial arts is a great way to boost your health, such as both physically and your mental wellbeing. Many of our students at Tiger Martial Arts in Oxford yearn for a healthy lifestyle, but with the current national restrictions in place, demands on their time often make it difficult to keep on top of a fitness regime.

Many of our students at Tiger Martial Arts in Oxford yearn for a healthy lifestyle

This can have a knock-on effect on someone’s mental fitness as they struggle to cope with the fall-out from their lack of physical positivity. However, martial arts can promote a lifestyle that encourages physical, mental and spiritual disciplines that will help the individual maximise their full potential.


The arts of this sport are to help boost self-confidence, increase awareness of healthy eating, and improve mental focus, while also teaching good morals and improves your overall athleticism.

Learn self-control

Many martial arts movements can appear extremely violent in nature, but the discipline is widely known to help control emotions. In addition to physical and mental health benefits, martial arts training will teach the individual the notion of self-control, improve self-esteem which contributes to their spiritual wellbeing.


A few martial arts teachers mainly focus purely on the health aspects of the sport, which of course means removing all elements of combat and self-defence from the training sessions (read on if you want to learn more about martial arts in lockdown). However, our very own Mr. Stocker, chief instructor of Tiger Martial arts in Oxford says that, knowing the right times to use martial arts is an important factor of the practice.

Kalesvara Mudra or Mind Calming Mudra. Hand Gesture holding fingers in Kalesvara Mudra for meditation, self-healing and better control of thoughts and emotions.

“At the beginning of every class I always talk with my students about how Martial arts is truly a peaceful art. Whenever possible it’s always best to walk or run away from a fight and go tell a teacher or parent. The rule is that it only should be applied if one is in serious danger. If they practiced it on family, friends, animals, that would result in being banned from the class. That worked wonders!


Bullies learned about control/discipline and not to ‘act out’ due to having a healthy lifestyle for their stress, anger and issues to be healed and released in a peaceful environment.”

Healthy Eating

It is known from healthcare professionals that eating a healthy and nutritious diet can have a significant impact on your overall health and life expectancy. Martial arts will teach that food is not only essential to fuel the body, but it is also an essential part of spiritual wellbeing too.

Sticking to a healthy diet and using the best protein powders for recovery is an ethos followed by many world class sportspeople of martial arts, even UFC star, Conor McGregor says that his healthy food intake has played a major part in his rise up to the top of his career.

Never Stop Learning

Whatever your favoured discipline within martial arts there is always something new to learn, even the most experienced martial arts person will learn something new the next time he trains – there is no end-level.

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