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Teen Kickboxer Raises Thousands for Cancer

Teenager Kickboxer, Frazer Riach-Shaw has raised more than £8,000 for a cancer charity, just weeks after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer himself.  

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Frazer quotes:

“I was in a lot of pain and they thought it was to do with my hamstring, but then I went to see a physiotherapist and they thought it was my back. I couldn’t sleep at night, and eventually they took me into Hospital as a precaution. After my blood test results, it was confirmed that I had Ewing Sarcoma.”


Frazer put together a fundraiser to raise money for a cancer charity with a target of £500. However, friends and family have got behind the campaign, with an anonymous person donating £1,000.


Even his Martial Arts School, where Frazer attended Kickboxing before Lockdown, is also encouraging people to raise money and get active as much as possible. The school mentioned that Frazer has shown such compassion and ambition towards raising money for the local children’s Hospital.

What is Ewing Sarcoma?

The rare type of cancer affects bones, or tissues around bones, and it mainly affects children and young people, with a majority of cases aged between 10 and 20. Common symptoms can include bone pain, which can be worse at night, tiredness, weightless, and a fever that will not go away.

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