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Our eldest daughter was rather shy and under-confident when we first decided to enrol her at Tiger Martial arts as a seven year old. It made a huge difference to her over the following years developing her physical and emotional confidence and resilience hugely. The instructors have always been fantastic and she made lots a great friends in the classes. She is now in the junior leadership academy which is really helping her develop her leadership skills. Her sister and 2 brothers also attend and enjoy it just as much. Highly recommended.

Hayley Dollimore
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The team at Tiger Martial Arts are welcoming and really encouraging. I started with the goal of improving my fitness and flexibility and have definitely done both of those things while having lots of fun and making friends. The instructors take the time to engage with everyone during classes and I leave feeling invigorated and happy. It is also a great way to blow off steam if you have had a bad day! I would encourage anyone to give it a go and see what you think!

Paul Anderson
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If you are considering Martial Arts for yourself, a friend of family member/child then look no further.

Tiger Martial Arts never ceases to impress us with their organisation, their dedication to their students, their customer service and quality of training.

Sending both our young children here has been hands down the most positive decision we have made for our children's development both on and off the training mats.

We're excited to a long relationship with Tiger & all the Team.

Sophia Shahzad
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I look forward to attending my classes every week, I have great workouts and lots of fun. Motivating and attentive instructors who create a comfortable environment for everyone. I have fallen in love with martial arts and the amazing changes it has made to my overall health, fitness and confidence!!

Linn Brynildsen
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Both my daughter and I are Tiger members and it’s our favourite thing to do! We feel a great sense of belonging and constantly learn and develop both in fitness and martial arts skills. So much fun! The whole instructor team is so great, providing lots of support balanced with challenge so you can stretch yourself. The kids classes are amazing! As a parent I am really impressed with how the learning in class extends into life at home. And particularly how confidence building it has been for my daughter. She absolutely loves it!

Velavan Gnanendran
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Our two sons joined Tiger about a year ago and loved it from day one. The instructors are so good with kids, making them feel welcome from the start and breaking down the techniques really well. Our boys love it. I have no idea how the instructors remember everyone's names but they do! In fact, the club has such a strong community ethos that I've joined the Adult Classes! Cannot recommend them enough!

Rebecca O'Reilly
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If you're curious about martial arts sign up for a taster session with Tiger Martial Arts and you won't look back.
No matter your level on entry you're welcomed, encouraged and supported. The instructors are fantastic. Such a quick eye and great way of guiding you to pick up and refine techniques before you realise it.
Always an incredible workout and such a sense of accomplishment.

Gary Woodwards
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Great atmosphere , amazing staff , to help you step by step with your journey even if you have no experience they will take there time with you and teach you step by steps till you master your new moves and with tiger mma your never feel down or feel your not good enough as tiger staff will allways make you feel like a winner your never feel lost or your lose in in this sport. so well done to tiger mma team keep up the good work. And for others don’t be shy come do your first free session and your see how much it helps you and how far you can progress :D

Kerry Poulter
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I can't recommend Tiger Martial Arts enough. I have two daughters: 7 and 10, who have only been attending classes for a couple of years now. Each week they're learning new skills whilst getting fitter and stronger all with a huge smiles on their faces. Coupled with this, the programme reinforces and encourages positive life skills/choices which is contributing to shaping their self-esteem.

All the instructors are high-skilled, passionate and take the time to make every single class member feel included and encourage - a very special place!

Rob Vega
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I have been attending Tiger Martial Arts since October 2018 and I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of learning martial arts. The instructors are excellent at teaching all the way through from the basic to the complex techniques and their energy, professionalism rubs off on us as students. It has had a huge impact on my life in regards to fitness, self-defence, my confidence and I have made many great friends.

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